A host family needs to fulfill certain conditions:

  • A host family should exist of at least two persons.
  • The income of the host family should be at least equal to 150% of the gross minimal wage.
  • At least one child, younger than 16 years old, should live at home.

The host family should provide the au pair with board and lodging and proper housing within the home of the host family. The following criteria apply with regard to housing:

  • The au pair has her own room, that can be locked from the inside.
  • The room should not function as a passage to another room.
  • The room should have at least one window that can be opened and closed, in order to provide for daylight and fresh air.
  • Furthermore, the room should have at least a heating, lighting, a bed, a desk/table with a chair, a wardrobe, a radio or television and access to internet. 

Additionally, the host family should offer the au pair the possibility to make use of the shower and/or bath facilities on a daily basis.


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