With respect to an au pair, we go through different stages. The path is as follows:

  • Application
    Future host families can register themselves as candidates by sending the email to After the registration, a selection procedure follows.
  • Visit host family
    Au Pair Agency Mondial visits you at your home for the intake interview. We will talk about your expectations and about the possibilities of the au pair.
    We will also criticize whether your family meets the preconditions and whether your home has a suitable room for the au pair. The screening of the candidate host family by Au Pair Agency Mondial will be based on the findings of the intake interview and the home visit. We reserve the right to refuse a (candidate) host family for our own reasons, at all times.
  • Signing of mediation agreement
    No earlier than after a positive assessment of the candidate host family, a mediation agreement between the host family and Au Pair Agency Mondial can be concluded.
  • Searching for an au pair
    At this stage of the process, Au Pair Agency Mondial will specifically look for a suitable candidate for your family. Because we possess a large file of candidate au pairs, a correct match is usually made within a month.
  • Documents host family
    The following documents should be submitted to us by the host family:
    - Registration form;
    - Original employer’s statement;
    - Original extract from BRP showing the family composition;
    - A copy/ scan of the salary slips of the last three months;
    - A copy of the employment contract;
    - A copy/scan of the au pair host family agreement;
    - A copy/scan of the personal page of both parents;
    - A copy/scan of the order form;
    - A signed statement of awareness of the au pair.
  • Draw up a daily schedule
    Prior to the stay of the au pair in the Netherlands, arrangements are made by the host family and the au pair, about the nature and scope of the activities that the au pair will carry out. These agreements will be recorded in a daily schedule.
    The form with the daily schedule will be filled in by both host family and au pair. Prior to the 'visa application and residence permit', the daily schedule form must be signed by both parties and sent to Au Pair Agency Mondial. The daily schedule must be drawn up in accordance with the requirements set for this. The daily schedule consists of a weekly schedule in which the tasks of the au pair are stated per day, plus a specification of the times at which the activities are performed. For each task, a stand-in should explicitly be appointed, so that the au pair is not solely responsible for the activities described. The agreed daily schedule may not be changed, except with the explicit permission of Au Pair Agency Mondial. A request for alternation must first be submitted to Au Pair Agency Mondial. After permission, the form with the alternated schedule must be signed by both the au pair and the host family.
  • Application to IND
    After the correct data and documentation have been provided, Au Pair Agency Mondial submits the request for exchange to the IND.
  • Communication towards the host family
    Au Pair Agency Mondial keeps the host family informed periodically during the search and application process.
  • Communication towards the au pair
    Au Pair Agency Mondial also keeps the au pair up to date during the application process.
  • Checking/evaluating the au pair and the host family
    Au Pair Agency Mondial monitors the welfare and the well-being of the au pair, the circumstances within the host family, and whether the house rules and daily schedule are being lived up to, by regularly informing about these things.
    Au Pair Agency Mondial uses various means of communication such as telephone, video calling by Skype, and personal meetings. The findings throughout these contact moments are recorded in writing by Au Pair Agency Mondial. If there ever may occur problems between the host family and the au pair, Au Pair Agency Mondial recommends that both parties should first consult each other in order to resolve the issue together. If the host family and the au pair do not come to an agreement with each other, Au Pair Agency Mondial is prepared to mediate between both parties. If the problems still exist after mediation, the au pair is advised to submit the matter to the IND.
  • Cultural trips together with the au pair
    Au Pair Agency Mondial organizes an excursion in which the au pair can take part, for at least four times a year. These activities are in order to learn more about the Dutch society and culture.
    For instance: a visit to a large city (eg Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, The Hague, Tilburg), a famous museum (for example the Gemeentemuseum, the Scheepvaartmuseum, the Dutch OpenluchtMuseum, the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House or the Van Gogh Museum), or a national park (such as De Biesbosch, the Loonse en Drunense Duinen or the Hoge Veluwe). On the Au Pair Agency Facebook page an announcement will be done about when the excursions take place.
  • Education/ Training
    The host family ensures that the au pair will follow a Dutch language course that’s appropriate for her. The course will be paid for by the host family. There are many different providers of language courses. Au Pair Agency Mondial advises the host family to select a provider close to their place of residence.
    The level of the course should meet up with the starting level and the abilities of the au pair.

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