An au pair from Au Pair Agency Mondial is a young woman between 18 and 25 years old.

She is curious about other cultures, loves children and is willing to help in the household. She completed a vocational training – or is following such training—preferably in health care, education or with another social orientation. Additionally, she can demonstrate relevant experience in this field, for instance as babysitter or intern.

Candidates from all over the world are in principle welcome at Au Pair Agency Mondial.

The au pair is able to speak English and possesses good communicational skills. She is open towards both the parents and the children. She should comply with the wishes of the parents with regard to the upbringing of the children. Furthermore, she adheres to the general rules that are applicable in the house. She is flexible and willing to support the family.

From this position she brings along her culture and authenticity, and shares these with the host family.

In short, the au pair is especially focused on the cultural exchange and the support of the host family. She always functions on an equal basis with the members of the host family. So an au pair is not a nanny or employee, but a full member of the host family. 

Tasks of the Au Pair

An au pair has, during her stay with the host family, a number of tasks:

  • The main task is to take care of the children. She for example prepares breakfast and lunch, helps them to change clothes, plays with them, brings them to school and picks them up.

  • Also light housework belongs to the tasks of an au pair. Examples are tidying up, vacuum cleaning, doing the dishes, making and changing the beds.

In exchange for these activities, the au pair receives board and lodging for free. Additionally, the host family provides her a maximum of € 340,- pocket money per month.

The support provided by the au pair should adhere to the legal framework of the respective country. Roughly these rules come down to the following:

  • The au pair is not allowed to work more than 30 hours a week and is only allowed to perform a maximum of 8 hours of light housework on a daily basis.

  • She will be at least two days off a week, and may function only at most three evenings a week as caretaker of the children.

  • She shall have at least one long free weekend each month (from Friday 19.00 until Sunday 24.00).

  • She can also claim a paid leave of two weeks per twelve months, or a proportional period of this for a shorter stay.

The host family should give her the opportunity to attend language classes. The costs for these classes are paid by the host family. 

Au Pair Agency Mondial will organize at least four excursions per year in which the au pair can participate. These activities are aimed at getting familiar with the Dutch society and culture.

Examples are visits to big cities (for instance Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Den Haag or Tilburg), visits to famous museums (for instance het Gemeentemuseum, het Scheepvaartmuseum, het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, het Rijksmuseum, het Anne Frankhuis or het Van Goghmuseum), or a national park (like De Biesbosch, de Loonse en Drunense Duinen or de Hoge Veluwe).

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