Rian Purnamasari

Age: 22 years old

Nationality: Indonesian

Country of residence: Indonesia

Start Date: 01.08.2022

Education: Bachelor degree majoring in English education and Literature

Childcare experience: I have three sisters, they all have kids. I have three nephews and two nieces. Both of my siblings live near my house. Their house is so close to our parents' place and her children (my nephew and niece) are often come and play at my parents’ place. My niece since she was like 5 years old and my nephew was 3 years old, was already usually hanging out with me at my parents’ place. In the early morning when they visited me and my parents, I took care of and accompany them at home.
I'm a creative and ambitious young woman, I have a lot of ideas about my future. I love sport like badminton (as part of Athlete teams at PB) and jogging. I like to go out and talk to other people, engage in the community, play kites, and volunteer. Also, I'm interested to learn about education.
I studied at a university and I took English Literature as my major. I wanted something different to do, like improve my English and make new experiences. I loved my school and my major so much. The achievements I got when I was active as a teenager. I am very active in participating in many competitions. Examples of competitions are badminton tournaments, English storytelling and office secretaries. This is a great experience for me.
In 2021, I worked in a little office where I got to experience administration work. I helped organize the office, meetings, and all, and sometimes I worked with the team in the office. I also once volunteered as my favorite activities in my life such as charity, teaching children as my former job at the kindergarten- Elementary school (was in 2016-2017), and helping other people. My biggest experience I’m as a part volunteer in Asian Games 2018, Asian Para Games in Indonesia and watching many sports and meeting many athletes from all around the world. I met many people and learned so much from those jobs.

Motivation: Hi, this is Purnama! My full name is Rian Purnamasari. I am 22 years old now. I just graduated from a University majoring in English Education and Literature recently. I live together where my parents live in Jakarta, Indonesia. My father used to be a government employee, but he retired and already passed away when I was in high school in 2013 and my mom is a housewife. I lived with my mom and siblings, every day I helped my mom and my maids to clean the house, do the laundry, tidy up the house, something like that. I'm an energetic person, responsible, and very organized. Both of my parents raised me to be autonomous, not to be a spoiled girl. They are proud of me because I can handle anything by myself. My first language is English and Bahasa. Right now, I’m learning to speak German fluently through songs and practice it directly with my friends. I love to learn new languages because they are so much fun to me.

I just wanted to collect money as much as I can to build a great school one day, so I don't have to lend money from a bank or something. One of my biggest dreams is I can financially independent as young as possible.
Besides patience, one of my best characteristics is tolerance. I love people who have different thoughts, cultures, traditions, even religions, it's doesn't matter to me. I can say that I'm an open-minded person, active, my best friends mostly have different backgrounds from mine. I love kids, if my friends have kids I usually take care of and love their kids.
And I don't have problems helping in the household.
After my employment contract has ended, I have a dream, that I will get new experiences abroad. Because of the dream I decide to take part in an au pair. I have already learned German up to level B1 for 8 months. In the beginning, I found it to be very difficult because this language is completely new to me. But I continued to study hard until I can finally understand.
I want to be an Au Pair because I like children. I love kids and am willing to have kids later. I love seeing how they develop and learn new things every day. Sometimes I see they teach us a lot about life. I love traveling and spending time with children. It is always a dream to live and work in a foreign country. Since never going abroad until now. I'm looking forward if I can to being a part of this program. Having a new family who is hosting me is very great. Personally, I'll be happy to live in a multicultural environment and create a successful relationship with a lovely and caring family as my dream after I lost my father a few years ago. I think taking good care of my host family gives me more responsibility. I hope I will hear some good news soon to be a part of this program and my new family.

Thank you for reading

Sofia Sorabella

Age: 23

Nationality: Argentina

Country of residence: Argentina

Start Date: 13.02.2023

Education: High School Degree

Childcare experience: I've work with kids for the past 6 years. I've been a teacher, camp guide and church guide. I was doing the kindergarden teacher carreer at local university but I have to start working and couldn't continue.

Motivation: I love kids, I have three younger sibilings, two brothers of 10 and 9, and a little sister of 7. I've always been around kids and have a lot of experience with them.

maria piscoya

Age: 21

Nationality: peruana

Country of residence: peru

Start Date: 01.03.2023

Education: university

Childcare experience: I have experience in child care, I am a psychology student and I carry out activities in schools for children such as playing, singing, etc.

Motivation: Hello dear family, my name is Maria, I am 21 years old, I am currently studying psychology and I previously studied nursing. I am a very persevering person. I am sure that I will do a good job and, above all, I will learn and share my knowledge. I like to sing, play, dance, draw, read. books, watch the sunset, walk, and appreciate nature, I have previously worked taking care of children and it was a beautiful job, I learned a lot from them and they from me, I hope to share it with your family too, best regards.


Age: 23

Nationality: colombian

Country of residence: colombia

Start Date: 20.12.2022

Education: university: Last semester of physiotherapy (ends in December)

Childcare experience: I have experience caring children’s (newborn-14 years), I learned a lot when my sister had her first baby, since my sister had to stay in the clinic for a few days and the baby at home with us, so I took care of the little newborn. I have also taken care of my cousins and children of close friends of my family, I have been their nanny during vacations and some weekends that I have free time.

Motivation: My name is Valentina Rosas, I am 23 years old and I live in Cali, Colombia with my parents and grandparents. My mother's name is Miriam and she has her own shoes factory and my father's name is Henry and he works in a company that rents machinery for construction. I have an older sister, her name is Vanessa, she is 31 years old, she has two children, Martin (7 years old) and Camila (10 years old). We are very close and lovely. My family is so large and I like it, I have many uncles, aunts and cousins.
I’m physical therapy student, it is the best decision I have made, it is a career where patients make you get the best out of yourself and help them improve their quality of life, you impact them in a positive way, that makes me happy and motivates me to be better every day.
I did first aid course and also two complementary courses, I studied English at a language institute “Learn English International”, I really like to learn new things, I think that life is about that, constantly growing and learning.
Besides childcare experience, I also love studying, reading, watching movies, doing exercise, swimming and cooking; I find very entertaining teaching children how to prepare desserts, I think it is a way to get out of the routine and have fun with something simple.
I would like to be an au pair because I enjoy working with children, I am a very active person and I like to know new cultures.
I chose The Netherlands because I think it is a very beautiful country, full of art and history, every corner seems magical, I also have the possibility to improve my skills with English or learn a new language. Being an au pair would be my dream come true, it would help me to see the world from a different perspective and I would learn things about life that university and college don't teach.
I am so excited with the opportunity to know you better and to be a member of your family.
Best wishes,
Valentina Rosas.

alice mitchell

Age: 17

Nationality: british

Country of residence: United Kingdom

Start Date: 15.08.2023

Education: alevels

Childcare experience: My primary childcare experience would be coaching hockey to children aged 4 to 10. Despite the fact that this may not appear to be much child care. My role as a coach is not just to teach them how to play hockey; it involves many other aspects. Some other responsibilities include keeping the children safe, making sure they are having fun, and also disciplining them if necessary. Other forms of childcare I've had include babysitting for people in my community. 

Motivation: My motivation to become an au pair is simple: my love for looking after children and learning about other people's cultures are simply wonderful. Since a young age, I spent most days before and after school at my childminders. This made me fall in love with childcare, as the way my childminder looked after me was fantastic and brought me joy, and that is what gives me motivation. Learning about other people's cultures is something that I was brought up with as an integral part of life, especially because we are living in a multicultural world.