Maria Angelica Bedoya Burgos

Age: 21

Nationality: Colombian

Country of residence: Medellin

Start date: 07.02.2024

Education: University in progress

Childcare experience: In 2021 I gave dance classes to 3 girls who are sisters, of different ages, 8,12,16, I think they learned to love dance and I took care of my nephew some weekends, he was 4 years old, we used to watch movies, play soccer, play board games, run, invent creative stories.
I am a responsible, respectful, cheerful and very active person, and I would like to be an Au Pair to learn another language, get to know other cultures, and be part of a beautiful family where I can learn from the children and they from me.

Motivation: My motivation to enter this program is to grow as a person, I think it is very important to have experience, and to know another language, this is a great opportunity.
I am a proactive, sociable and charismatic person, I love meeting new people and learning from them, as well as discovering new things.

Shelby Lang

Age: 23

Nationality: Australian

Country of residence: Australia

Start date: 01.01.2024

Education: Completed High School VCE 2018, in workforce since as a Financial Crime Analyst

Childcare experience: I have 6 years of childcare experience, caring for children aged 2 - 13. This included overnight stays, weekends or weeknights when required. It often involved cleaning & cooking meals, as well as entertaining the children, dropping them to school and ensuring they stuck to their regular routines. I also assisted with homework/studying/tutoring at times.

Motivation: I always adored playing with and caring for the children I looked after previously. It is extremely fulfilling to help them reach their goals in both their personal/schooling lives.
I recently travelled to Rotterdam from Australia and fell in love! I would love to learn more about the culture and experience living in the Netherlands. My grandparents are Dutch and have recently passed, so I am eager to learn about their life in other ways. Rotterdam is a beautiful city, and to have the opportunity to both work & explore around this would be amazing.

Justine Angel Yabo Cubio

Age: 22

Nationality: Filipino

Country of residence: Philippines

Start date: 21.04.2024

Education: College level

Childcare experience: I have more than 5 years of experience with babysitting and taking care of children. The youngest is 2 years old and the oldest is 16 years old. My primary task was to take a bath, dress, basically all stuff a mother can do to the youngest . All the teenager that I took care of is I just prepare their meals, clean and tidying their room and tutor them about their lessons in school. . I have a job right now where I babysit an 8 year old ,14 and 16 years old high schooler.
During my junior year in my high school up to pandemic time, I used to baby sit children below my age . It was a part time for me as student and most of them are in primary and freshmen. I have no problems in term of communicating with children because I used to teach and tutor them also with their homework. That is why it is very easy to me as an au pair in the future. I always to play with kids and teach them interesting games.

Motivation: My family is jolly and adventurous. We live in a city where we surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains. My father is a cook and my mother is a vendor of a viand at school
canteen. They are my inspiration and the love of my life. The reason why I want to be an Au pair is because it was my dream to experience the culture and traditions of a family from Europe. I want to be part of a family where I able to learn things from them and experience a love from them , also I can able help them in their daily tasks in everyday life. I love to be with children and they have special place in my heart. Also I want travel and explore Europe. I want to visit the majestic tulips in Netherlands, the different scenery , the Eiffel Tower in Paris , the majestic city in Denmark. The beautiful place in Switzerland and the experience of a snow. I’ll be able to learn lessons in life and deal it heartily. I am positive that working as an Au pair will make me more independent and
accountable. I have a greater responsibility now that I’m taking good care of my host family. Even in small gestures, helping them would make a great change.

Ashley Maria Ruiz Rodriguez

Age: 22

Nationality: Mexican

Country of residence: Mexico

Start date: 01.04.2024

Education: Marketing degree

Childcare experience: Regarding my experience with children, during part of my university period I did volunteering/social service for 3 years in a kindergarten incorporated into the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico (SEP) where I had the opportunity to work with children of all preschool ages, We played, we did physical and manual activities, I supported the meetings with the parents and really maintained a lot of communication with each member of the staff. I have two younger brothers whom I have taken care of since they were born since mom and dad work and between school and my free time, I spent all my time with them. Taking care of them, bathing them, dressing them, changing their diapers, cooking for them, playing with them, chores among many things is what I do with them and we have an excellent relationship. I think that thanks to everything I have mentioned, I can say that I have experience with children of all ages and I feel very comfortable, I think I am a person with good energy because children always like me and I earn their trust very fast for which I feel grateful.

Motivation: What motivated me to join the program is my desire to learn, to know and above all to grow personally, I believe that being able to meet other cultures and people is something amazing because you can learn a lot and also they could find something interesting in my perspective. It motivates me to be able to support families in the
care of their children, I think it would be a great personal satisfaction for me to know that they trust me to take care of their children. I think it is an experience that will certainly help me in my personal experience to realize how much I can achieve for myself, what I am capable of and above all to prove to myself that if I commit myself
to do something and I do it with dedication and love, I can achieve it. I think it is also a very meaningful way to prove to myself my independence. Professionally I think it will help me a lot too since I love languages and I would love to take the opportunity to learn the language of the country. I am also very interested in the history and culture of the Netherlands and once I finish my Au Pair experience I would like to do a major in world history at a university in Mexico, I think that the Netherlands has a wide field of study. I think I am qualified because I am an extremely committed, responsible and above all honest/respectful person. I think this has been evident in my life experiences and these are things that people recognize about me. I am a very active person, I love reading, cooking, driving, I am a very (VERY) hygienic and clean person and above all I have the necessary experience. I think I can contribute to many things, I have no doubt about that, I can contribute to family care, harmony and, above all, respect.

Aleksandra Belikova

Age: 20

Nationality: Russian

Country of residence: Russia

Start date: 25.02.2024

Education: Freshman year in university (Polish philology)

Childcare experience: I come from a large family and I have two younger sisters, they are 12 and 8 years old. Despite having no formal babysitting experience, I’ve been "working" as an older sister for 12 years, being close with them. From the time they were born, I've been actively involved in their care and assisted my mom. Even though I'm separated now, my girls often ask me for advice and discuss their hobbies and interests with me. Additionally, not too long ago, I became a cousin to a 1.5-year-old child. Therefore, already at a conscious age I had tried myself as a nanny, because I assisted my aunt in every possible way: I babysat and helped around the house when it was necessary. When caring for children, it is essential for me to consider not only their physical well-being but also their emotional health. For instance, it is of utmost importance to me to offer children emotional stability, acceptance, and unconditional love. I also think it is important to develop a child in a comprehensive way — to work on their mental and physical development, while sharing different creative endeavors with them. I firmly believe that there is a valuable activity that can bring great pleasure to any child.

Motivation: Being an Au Pair is an amazing opportunity for me to immerse myself in the cultural aspects of another country. I would also like to try living abroad and see if the European pace of life is suitable for me. In the future, I plan to pursue a career in teaching. Being an Au Pair will allow me to enhance my skills in working with children, something I'm passionate about, and deepen my understanding of their needs.

Jin Lee Tabamo

Age: 23

Nationality: Filipino

Country of residence: Philippines

Start date: 30.01.2024

Education: College

Childcare experience: My experience with the children playing outdoor activities, teaching them to write, read and respect does old people, and sometime they play arts. I ensure the safety of environment of the children. I love children because of bonding create together the children it make me happy and stress relieve.

Motivation: I like to become an au pair, I had a passion to work with the children, will helping the host family with the children and do light housework while learning the language of the host country and getting to know is culture.

Dwi Nur Arifianti

Age: 25

Nationality: Indonesia

Country of residence: Indonesia

Start date: 01.03.2024

Education: Bachelor in International Relations in Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

Childcare experience: I am the first child and also the oldest grandchild. I have three younger siblings and many cousins. My parents own a grocery store. Since my parents were busy with our grocery store, I was expected since childhood to be independent and responsible for myself and my siblings. When my parents working, I was responsible for taking care my siblings, cooking and preparing food and playing with them, helping with homework and making sure everything was done well.

I also helping my aunts to babysit and taking care of my cousins. Most of of the time i am babysitting i always spend the time doing activities with them such as drawing or singing, and playing in the backyard to keep them busy and became very close to them and really appreciate the time I spent with them. During this time I discovered how much fun it is to have children around.

I also joined the Community Service Program (KKN) in Probolinggo, Indonesia. The work program includes teaching children in primary school and kindergarten. I take part in English and Math lessons and Handwashing campaign. I also teach children in kindergarten to read and draw. Here i met so many children. I was happy when the children I taught responded well to my teachings. It was a great experience for me!

Motivation: My motivation to become an au pair is fueled by a genuine passion for cultural exchange and a deep love for working with children. I see this opportunity as a unique blend of adventure and responsibility, where I can immerse myself in a new culture while contributing to the growth and well-being of a host family's children.

The prospect of building meaningful connections with a family from a different background excites me, and I believe that being an au pair provides a platform for personal and professional development. I am eager to take on the role of a supportive aupair, creating a positive and enriching environment for the children. This journey represents not just a job but a chance to learn, grow, and create lasting memories through shared experiences with a host family in their home country.

Abegail Gajas

Age: 22

Nationality: Filipino

Country of residence: Philippines

Start date: 15.04.2024

Education: College level

Childcare experience: I have experience with children ages 0–12 years old. I was used on taking care of my youngest siblings, and my cousin's kids, I cooked them food, prepared their meals, helped them bathe and dress, played with them, picked them up and dropped them off at school, and helped them with their homework. Currently, I'm helping my sister-in-law look for my nephew, Mj, 9 months old, from birth until the current date. I feed him, prepare his food, put him to sleep, play with him, and ensure his safety. I am responsible, enthusiastic, adaptive and reliable individual with a genuine passion for creating a positive and nurturing environment for children. 

Motivation: I want be an Au Pair because I see this as an exciting opportunity to combine my love for children with the desire to grow and immerse myself in different cultures and traditions, learn new language first-hand, to travel and explore foreign country. My adaptability ensures that I can quickly adjust to different childcare situations, including adopting individual family routines and preferences.

Regan Bayonne

Age: 25

Nationality: American

Country of residence: USA

Start date: 18.05.2024

Education: Bachelor of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

Childcare experience: I have babysat children from ages 6 months - 15 years
I tutored 8 - 10 year old children in groups for math and reading
I privately tutored a 10 year old on all subjects
I have volunteered at a preschool and cared for children aged 2 months - 1 year
I have volunteered at a Montessori school and aided children aged 3 - 10 years old

Motivation: I am motivated to become an au pair because I enjoy watching children flourish and grow in their learning. I am currently obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and hope to soon become a teacher. I hope to be able to share my knowledge from my studies with your family, while learning from you and your children as well. Being an au pair is a special opportunity to create personal connections with families and be a light and positive influence to everyone involved. Not only am I excited to share my own culture and experiences, but I would love to learn all I can from you as well. Each child has their own uniqueness and something to offer the world.

I have been interested in being an au pair for many years and am now taking a leap of faith. I always strive to be open minded, eager to learn, and eager to support others in any way that I can. I am committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for your children to thrive in. I am responsible, organized, and adaptable, and I am confident in my ability to handle any challenges that may arise. I am also eager to immerse myself in the Dutch culture, language, and way of life, and I am excited about the opportunity to learn and grow alongside your family.

I am confident that my enthusiasm, patience, and dedication will make me a valuable addition to your household.